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Hand in Water

Like our physical wounds need to be cleansed with saline solution,
our heart wounds need to be cleansed with tears.
We offer compassionate space, sanctuary, hope, and light to suffering people. 


Melting "the frozen sea inside of us"

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1. Sponsor one of our dance/spoken word events.

2. Let us help you create your own custom event or retreat.

3. Buy the book for individual or group study.

4. Hire Alisa Bair to speak on a variety of grief topics.


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Programs We Offer


Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

A 45-min. option for churches wanting word and dance to cover the sermon portion of a worship service (can include children's sermon as well)


Good Mourning Experience

A one-hour program of word, music, and dance to bring comfort to grieving people at any time, but especially during the weeks prior to major holidays (appropriate for secular or sacred spaces)



Grief Retreat

A day-long or weekend retreat for those desiring to pull away to focus more intentionally on their grief.

(We would lead, or partner in leading, the entire retreat. Venue, lodging, and food would be the responsibility of the hosting organization.)

Author-Only Programs


Alisa Bair is available:
     —to speak at your custom event or retreat 

     —to lead (or be a guest on) your online book study group
     —to lead worship from the piano in addition to speaking

Meet the Team

About Us

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We are multi-faceted, professional artists with 15 years of experience in grief programming, who offer a variety of programs for hire. All include spoken word by Grief Is a Dancer author, Alisa Bair, and original dance by Gregg & Susan Hurley of HurleyInMotion. We thrive on collaboration and customizing what we do to meet your community's needs. Grief is one of those life experiences we are guaranteed to have, but space is rarely given to help people express it.

We hope you will reach out to us.



Alisa earned her Bachelors in Music  and Music Therapy from East Carolina University and MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from New York University. Her career began in church music and the arts and continues in freelancing. ​Her choral music has been published and sung internationally. She also composed the full-length musical, Hello Sky (Book & Lyrics by Dina Gregory, Orchestration by Neal Harnly), which had its world premiere production with OperaLancaster, and was librettist for The Lost Son (Neal Harnly, composer), which received its world premiere with the renowned Indianapolis Children's Choir. She is a member of Dramatists Guild of America, Inc. and the author of two books about her deceased daughter and family's grief, A Table for Two, and Grief Is a Dancer.


Founder, Hurley in Motion

Gregg is the artistic director of HurleyInMotion, a performing arts ensemble that has been building bridges and connecting communities since 2005. He is also Associate Professor of Dance at Messiah University, where he leads the development of a growing dance program and originated the now-annual Blue Christmas. He earned his MFA in dance from the University of Arizona School of Dance and BA in dance from Hofstra University. Gregg has performed internationally and, for over 11 years, was the resident choreographer and assistant director at Sight and Sound Theatres, where he was creatively involved in the premiere productions of Abraham and Sarah, Daniel, Ruth, Psalms of David, In the Beginning, and Voices of Christmas.

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Co-Founder, Hurley in Motion

Susan is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, NYC. She has performed internationally, and was seen in the American premiere of the German pop oratorio sensation, Luther, as well as originated the title role of Georgia O'Keeffe in the world premiere of Hello Sky with OperaLancaster. She has performed in many Sight & Sound Theatre productions, including playing the role of Mary in Miracle of Christmas, and Sarah in Abraham and Sarah. She remains an active member/co-founder of HurleyInMotion and is Adjunct Professor of Voice at Messiah University, where she recently appeared in Blue Christmas.



Concrete Wall

Readers remark...

"I'm grateful for this exploration of the idea that we will continue to dance with grief for as long as we live. I'm in awe of Alisa Bair's fluid, wonderful writing, her vulnerability, and her wisdom. I hope this book receives the place in the literary canon it deserves. Everyone can benefit from reading it!"                                     

—Maria Thompson, Lancaster, PA

"I hope you realize that this book, with no ears and all words, will be the best 'listener' for so many others." 

—Jessica Frease, Holliston, MA

"Everyone who reads this book is going to feel like you wrote it especially for them. It deserves a workbook; there are just too many pieces of wonder and feeling and heart to pick up at the same time. I couldn't put it down. I don't think I ate during the whole time I read it. I didn't stop; I went through the night into the morning."

—Dr. Anna Weaver, Tarpon Springs, FL

"It’s been a long time since I stayed up past midnight reading, but I couldn’t put this one down. Beautiful, compelling, authentic, lyrical."

—Andrea Adams, Lancaster, PA

Audiences remark...

"The whole presentation is so perfect...the message, the dance, the's all absolutely powerful, tender, heart-wrenching and heart-restoring. What a dovetailed message, such a beautiful marriage of art forms."

—Linda Metz, Cullowhee, NC

"The dancers and the speaker were all magnificent, and conveyed the story of God's love in the time of grief in a wonderful way. My own tears made it sometimes difficult to see, but I appreciated this profoundly moving service to mourners like me and all of those who are saddened by loss. Thank you so much." 

—Richard Miller, Elizabethtown, PA

"This service on the subject of grief was without a doubt the most inspiring, heartwarming, and most welcome understanding of grief we have ever witnessed. We both shed many many tears together. Thank you so much for having these guests. We loved them." 

—Eleanor & Dick Zechman, Elizabethtown, PA

"It helped me to identify some grief and anger that I didn't know I had. It was very emotional for me."

—D.F., Lancaster, PA

"The service led to a very good discussion of the losses we feel as family members when our loved ones are suffering with addiction and how we process our own grief."

—M.R., Lancaster, PA

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© 2023 by Alisa Bair

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